Indian chicken price falls prompting higher sales

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The Indian state of Kerala is experiencing a sudden increase in demand for chicken owing to a recent decrease in price for the product.

The mobile outlet of the Meat Products of India Ltd (MPI), a state government undertaking, stationed in front of Connemara Market, Kerala,  is being forced to open everyday to cope with the demand.

“It was this Tuesday that the price of chicken recorded a fall,” said MPI managing director Ani S Das. “The broiler chickens’ price took a plummet from Rs 170 to Rs 135 per kg. The price of chicken curry cut pieces, on the other hand, has come down by Rs 25 with a 500 gm packet now bearing a cost of Rs 75 only. Until this week, the mobile unit in front of Connemara Market was open only during weekends.”

Last month the MPI outlets in the city sold 2 tonnes of its products. “We hope to cross that figure in a week,” said Das. “Though we sell other meat products like mutton, beef and pork, chicken has the highest demand,” he said.

Das attributed the dip in prices to the increase in production. He said that the automatic poultry processing plant that was installed in February started working to its full capacity recently. “The plant has increased the productivity and the quality of the chicken products. In a single shift we process around 2,500 fowls,” he added.

Source: The Times of India

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