Indonesia: Medion to produce broiler DOC’s

30-07-2012 | | |

Medion, one of the largest Indonesian based animal pharmaceutical, vaccine and equipment companies that has marketed their products to more than 15 countries in Asia Pacific and Africa region, will produce broiler day old chicks (DOC) at the end of this year.

The broiler (parent stock) breeder farm is located in Jonggol, Bogor district, West Java. The farm has nine houses with a capacity of 8,000 to 10,000 birds per house. The strain that will be raised is Cobb 500. “Regarding the capacity, as many as 12 million broiler DOC per year will be produced,” said Medion’s vice president director, Peter Yan.

“The hatchery location is also located in Jonggol, but far from the farm location. This hatchery will use our own incubator called Meditech Incubator,” Yan added.

Yan revealed that broiler DOC production was a form of Medion’s business expansion in the poultry industry that continues to grow positively. “Broiler DOC production is also a learning experience for us. If successful, we also want to produce layer DOC,” he said.

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