Indonesia: Poultry sales boost Malindo’s profits

25-05-2011 | | |

The commissioner of PT Malindo Feedmill (Malindo), Mr. Tan Lai Kai, announced high profits for the year 2010, during a recent annual shareholders meeting in Jakarta, Indonesia.

The sales of DOC (Day Old Chicks) increased by 21% to IDR 83 billion, while the sales of poultry feed increased by 6% to IDR 61 billion.

“For this year, 2011, we have targeted to increase the sales of our products such as poultry feed and DOC by 20%,” said Kai.

To achieve that target, Kai said that they have allocated about IDR 280 billion to build a new feed mill in Central Java and new grand-parent and parent stock farms. “Of that money allocation, we also will build a processing plant to produce chicken nuggets and sausages,” he added.

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