Innov’Space: Complementary feed Biotronic

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Innov’Space: Complementary feed Biotronic

Biotronic Top3 is part of Biomin’s demedication approach in feed. The main targets are Gram-negative bacteria, characterised by a very protective outer membrane.


First, Biomin searched for weakening the outer membrane by using a permeabiliser developed by its R&D department, called Biomin Per4izer. Then, an antibacterial complex was created by selecting:

• The three more effective organic acids against these bacteria (formic acid, acetic acid and propionic acid);

• An essential oil, the cinnamaldehyde, for its action against Gram-positive bacteria, especially Clostridia, frequently occurring in feed.

The next step has consisted in checking the synergy of organic acids and the essential oil. The final step has consisted in checking the synergy of the permeabiliser and the antimicrobial complex.

In order to optimise this triple action, the active ingredients are placed on a vermiculite carrier which ensures a gradual release of active ingredients.

This product was awarded One star by an independent jury of experts – Biomin France, Ploufragan, France.

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