Innov’Space: Poultry weigh system Speed-Weight

12-09-2012 | | |
Innov’Space: Poultry weigh system Speed-Weight

The only work of the farmer is to put the birds in the funnel, the automaton will do the rest of the weighing.

A sensor begins the weighing, the weight is counted, numbered and then the system releases the animal by opening the funnel.

The program does not record the incoherent weights, so the system is reliable because the animal is immobilised during the weighing thanks to the shape of the funnel.

The average weights is done by groups, and there are up to 20 groups possible. With this system up to 600 birds per hour can be weighed.

On the touch screen, the breeder sees the different weights, the number of the group, the homogeneity of the group, date, time, etc. All these data can be extracted from an USB port and transferred to a laptop of desk computer.

This product was awarded One star by an independent jury of experts – Ferman, Mortagne sur Sevre, France.

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