IPPE: Cobb launches new male

29-01-2020 | | |
Photo: Cobb
Photo: Cobb

Global genetics giant Cobb-Vantress is to launch a new male at the IPPE show, the Cobb Vantage.

It is the company’s first new male since 2017, and the company says the bird will be easier to manage and more efficient.

It will be available to North American customers from this summer.

“Cobb developed the Vantage male to be an outstanding performer in the big bird market,” said Mark Cooper, managing director of global genetics at Cobb. “We’ve taken into consideration ease of management and coupled that with market-leading growth rates and outstanding feed conversion ratios while keeping meat quality top of mind with this new release.”

Bred to be taller and robust

The new bird is a ‘package-only’ male primarily designed to cross with the Cobb700 female. It has been bred to be taller, and to deliver more robust legs.

The company said the new bird had demonstrated hatch improvements, and matured faster than the Cobb MV, and exhibits a larger comb.

“Our commitment to meat quality really shines through with the introduction of the Vantage male,” added Aldo Rossi, vice president of research and development at Cobb. “We’re committed to starting at the beginning of the process and delivering better uniformity, less trim and more valuable yield.

“Couple that with the advantages the Vantage brings to the table and you have premium meat quality and texture that ultimately can help impact the bottom line.”

Jake Davies Freelance Journalist