ISA and Sverdlovsky form strategic partnership

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ISA and Sverdlovsky form Strategic Partnership
ISA and Sverdlovsky form Strategic Partnership

ISA, the layer division of Global multi-species breeding company, Hendrix Genetics, and Russian poultry breeders, BPR (Breeding Poultry Reproductor) Sverdlovsky, have entered into a strategic partnership.

The collaboration encompasses a substantial capital commitment by ISA that will enable BPR Sverdlovsky to consolidate and grow its business further and ISA to acquire the largest minority share in BPR Sverdlovsky, next to the founders Alexey Grachev and Viktor Ivashkin.

Based in the area of Yekaterinburg, in Russia, BPR Sverdlovsky produces and markets ‘Hisex Brown’ and ‘Hisex White’ layer parent stock and commercial layers for the Russian market and most of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) countries. Successful cooperation between Sverdlovsky and ISA (Institut de Sélection Animale), the layer breeding division of Hendrix Genetics, began three years ago.

“The quality of the Hisex layers, combined with local production at a strategically important location in Russia, and our strong relations with egg producers in CIS countries, have enabled us to become the largest supplier of egg layer breeding stock in the CIS market,” remarked Alexey Grachev, director of BPR Sverdlovsky.

“We view Russia as a strategic important market for all species Hendrix Genetics breeds and layers in particular,” added Antoon van den Berg, CEO of Hendrix Genetics. “Our investment in BPR Sverdlovsky will create the possibility to further invest in facilities, people, quality and service, which will lead to better performance and increasing value for Sverdlovsky’s customers.”