Italian Customers visit Aviagen’s UK operations

10-08-2010 | | |
Italian Customers visit Aviagen’s UK operations

Aviagen Italia recently received representatives from La Pellegrina for a behind-the-scenes tour of Aviagen’s Scottish facilities. La Pellegrina is one of Aviagen Italia’s largest customers, placing around 1.5 m parent stock birds each year. The Ross 708 bird has been particularly successful in the Italian market.

The visit was hosted by Alan Thomson, regional technical and commercial manager, Claudio Ambrogio, general manager of Aviagen Italia and Lorenzo Rossi, technical service manager, Aviagen Italia. Pietro Castagnini, production director, Claudio Baccarin, breeder manager and Renato Poletto, broiler manager at La Pelligrina, Italy’s largest poultry integrator, enjoyed visits to several key facilities and presentations, including an update on the latest R & D. They enjoyed the opportunity to get access to Aviagen’s facilities and the informal and open discussions, allowing challenges within the Italian poultry industry to be discussed.

Ad Bal Freelance journalist