Jamesway: Technical sharing and education in China

01-06-2010 | | |

Jamesway Incubator Company attracted over 175 guests to their incubation seminars, held in April in Beijing and Yantai, China.

These seminars were held to offer the opportunity for technical sharing and educational gain on incubation practices in the Chinese industry. Attendees ranged among many influential players in the market, including members from the largest GP broiler farm in China, Yisheng and the largest GP layer farm in China, Beijing Yukou.

Technical presentations were made by keynote speaker, Dr. Keith Bramwell, professor from the University of Arkansas and Jamesway Consultant and Technical Advisor, Jerry Garrison and VP of sales and marketing, Keith McGlone. Junran Yang, Jamesways China Sales Manager was also present.

Seminar topics included Breeder Management and the Effects of CO2 on Chick Development by Dr. Keith Bramwell; Good to Better Incubation and Improving Multi Stage Incubation by Jerry Garrison and Heat Recovery Solutions for Platinum Machines by Keith McGlone.

Natalie Berkhout Freelance journalist
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