Kerala to build hatchery to support widows

27-11-2012 | | |
Kerala to build hatchery to support widows
Kerala to build hatchery to support widows

The government of the Indian state of Kerala has announced their plans to build a modern chicken hatchery and a farmers’ facilitation centre in Konni as part of a project to help widows in the region.

Agriculture minister, KP Mohanan, announced the plans, saying both projects had been sanctioned for Konni on the request of the Revenue Minister, Adoor Prakash.

The project, which is aimed at supporting the widows, will be launched in December. Widows in all regions of the State will be given 10 hens each, along with 10 kg feed and medicine as part of the project, the Minister said.

He said the Government would also start another modern chicken hatchery at Kudapanakkunu in Thiruvananthapuram, spending €138,500.

Facilitation centre for farmers

Mr Mohanan said the Government would open a facilitation centre for farmers across the State in an effort to support the farmers in the wake of shortage of workers in the farming sector. He said 35 such centres would be opened soon in different parts of the State at an estimated cost of €45,000 each.

The State is looking forward to achieve self-sufficiency in the production of milk, eggs, and meat products so that the import of these items from other States could be stopped in a phased manner, he said.

Allison Winstanley Web coordinator