Labelling campaign fights for Natural

26-09-2007 | | |
Labelling campaign fights for Natural

‘Chickens’ will be marching the streets of Washington, D.C., as part of a campaign aimed at informing consumers what is really in the poultry meat they buy.

The Truthful Labelling Coalition’s campaign aims to reform labelling rules regarding the term “natural”. The Coalition, launched in May by poultry processors Sanderson Farms Inc., Foster Farms and Gold’n Plump Poultry, urges the USDA to change what the group calls a “flawed definition of ‘natural’… fraudulent labelling practices” among poultry processors marketing “natural” chicken that includes sodium, water, carageenans and other additives.
As stated on the Coalition’s website: “Because of a loophole in US Dept. of Agriculture (USDA) regulations, chicken that is pumped-up is now allowed to be labelled as “Natural.” Chicken pumped up with sodium, additives and other ingredients shouldn’t be labelled natural! And, consumers should be able to read the labels on chicken.”
Companies that label their products as “Natural” have defended themselves saying that their labelling is in line with the regulations and requirements of the USDA.
The Truthful Labelling Coalition’s campaign further has therefore stated two major objectives they want to achieve:
1. To see that the USDA allow 100% natural chicken (with no additives) to be labelled as Natural.
2. To see that the USDA require that all chicken producers identify all added ingredients in BOLD print to ensure consumers can make informed choices.
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