Lahore CCI attends to poultry in budget proposal

12-04-2012 | | |

Pakistan’s Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry has made energy the focus of iut’s bidget proposals, but has also put forward proposals on the import tariffs on grandparent stock.

Energy was the crux of the Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s (LCCI) budget proposals for the year 2012-13, finalised after getting feedback from various sectors. But poultry was also a focal point of the chamber’s budget proposal.

Poultry Sector: Grand parent stock is the basic seed or raw material for the poultry sector; its import should be allowed as duty free instead of 5.0 percent duty, being charged presently.

To impose 15 percent duty on the import of broiler parent stock or hatching eggs to produce broiler parent stock day old chicks.

Duty free import of fertilizer raw materials should be allowed into Pakistan.

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