Large geese farms proposed in Moldova/Russia

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Large geese farms proposed in Moldova/Russia
Large geese farms proposed in Moldova/Russia

Moldovan company Senipal-V is planning the construction of a goose breeding farm with 6,000 heads of geese breeding stock and 22, 000 heads of commercial stock. The new enterprise will produce meat with a total production capacity of 704 tonnes per year.

According to the preliminary report two complexes will be built. One will be built in the Bryansk region of Russia. “The project will involve the creation of a new modern poultry farm for the production of goose meat and other foods. The enterprise will use a new waste-free and ecologically friendly technology for growing geese and accompanying vegetable production with the use of alternative energy resources” the report noted.

The project also includes the creation of a feed mill with the total production capacity of 30 tonnes of feed per day, as well as a facility for the production of canned meat, pate and foie gras. Also the implementation of the project will provide the construction of a new biological station and greenhouses.

According to the preliminary information the geese farms in Moldova and Russia will be identical both in structure and production characteristics.

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