Building on tradition in the egg liquor business

23-10-2023 | |
Building on tradition in the egg liquor business
German egg producer, Alexander Hollmann. Photos and video: Iris Hofman

In times of an egg oversupply, the grandmother of Alexander Hollmann used the surplus eggs to make egg liquor. By doing so, she circumvented the issue of fresh egg spoilage and was able to market the product at a premium. This tradition continues today.

As an egg producer, one knows that supply and demand can vary and subsequently so can your family’s income. Pushing eggs to market when demand is low can bite into farm revenue, and so the tradition of turning an oversupply into profits began at the Hollmann farm.

Today, Alexander has continued this tradition to such an extent that actual egg production is on the back burner in favour of producing egg liquor. This German entrepreneur produces no less than 100,000 litres of egg liquor per year.

Grown to a nationwide business

What started as a small-scale operation using surplus eggs and selling liquor from the farm shop, grew into a distribution network across Germany.

“In the world of liquor producers we are small, but we organised our retail via a farm shop network. What makes us different is that we know our product, use the best quality eggs, and market it as a unique product directly from the farm,” Alexander said.

The business took off over the years, pushing egg production to the background. Currently, the Hollmann farm houses 13,000 layers. “We have a caretaker for the poultry business. These hens produce the basis of our production, but cannot cover our whole production anymore. That is why I cooperate with other egg producers in the region.”

Hollmann sees multiple opportunities for the future, albeit inflation is putting pressure on his product. “Costs are higher and demand at the moment is relatively stable. Hopefully the economic situation in the world improves. I am looking forward to the time that we can put the Russia-Ukraine war behind us and start enjoying life again – with a good egg liquor, of course.”

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Fabian Brockotter Editor in Chief, Poultry World