The bigger picture: Vibrant eggs!

03-04-2023 | |
The bigger picture: Vibrant eggs!

Vibrantly coloured eggs always do well and are an eye-catcher during the holiday season. White cage and aviary eggs on mostly used on the paint line. 

The painting process is divided into 2 main techniques, using either spray paint or airbrushing for a luxury look. All colours are possible, as well as multiple combinations. Special designs can also be created by marbling or turning the freshly painted eggs over a sponge.

Painted, hard-boiled eggs are sold in Germany all year round but production is ramped up for the Dutch market around Easter. The paint line runs at full capacity from the beginning of February until Easter when 5 machines run 24/7 turning out millions of colourful eggs.

This photo was taken by Bert Jansen.

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Fabian Brockotter Editor in Chief, Poultry World
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