Training video supports emerging egg farmers

30-08-2022 | Updated on 28-05 | |
Photo: International Egg Foundation
Photo: International Egg Foundation

The International Egg Foundation has launched a training video entitled ‘The Fundamentals of Successful Egg Production’. Shot in rural Eswatini in southern Africa, the video targets emerging egg farmers in tropical and sub-tropical environments.

This freely available training video aims to deliver practical, actionable guidance to support emerging egg farmers in low and middle-income countries to adopt best practices and achieve long-term business productivity, stability and improved outcomes.

Chairman of Egg Farmers of Canada, Roger Pelissero, presented in the video. He speaks to farm manager, Maganda Muchenje, and egg farm supervisor, Sifiso Nkambule, at Heart for Africa.

“A valuable resource”

IEF chairman, Tim Lambert, said the project was all about creating a valuable resource to ultimately improve the nutritional status of families and local communities in low and middle-income countries by offering practical guidance to egg farmers.

“Our ultimate goal at IEF is to provide better lives for people, through the power of the humble egg,” said Lambert. “The expert training covers the fundamental steps required to produce quality eggs in a safe, sustainable manner, from site selection to housing systems, feed storage, and record keeping.”

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