Lohmann: 50 years of layer breeding

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Lohmann: 50 years of layer breeding

This year, Lohmann celebrates its 50th anniversary of layer breeding in Cuxhaven, and 50 years Lohmann Tierzucht Veterinary Laboratory.

“These 50 years of layer breeding means 5 decades of intensive research and breeding as well as close collaboration with our customers and partners,” says a company release. “This close collaboration is the basis for the high breeding capacity and constantly increasing performance of Lohmann layers and parent stocks. The results speak for themselves, says the company. The performance of the Lohmann layers has increased by 45% in the last 50 years. Today, we have a worldwide market share of almost 30%.”

“In the last 50 years, Lohmann Tierzucht has created the foundation to look expectantly ahead with our customers and partners in spite of the current financial crisis“, says Prof. Dr. Rudolf Preisinger, MD in the areas of Research and Production at Lohmann Tierzucht GmbH.

Veterinary-Laboratory anniversary

The Veterinary-Laboratory of Lohmann Tierzucht is also celebrating its 50 year existence this year. The company believes that its 3 departments – “Veterinary Laboratory“, “Veterinary Services“ and “Production of Flock-specific Vaccines“ – make it unique in its form worldwide.

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