Lohmann Tierzucht filing lawsuit against Novogen

29-10-2014 | | |
Lohmann Tierzucht filing lawsuit against Novogen
Lohmann Tierzucht filing lawsuit against Novogen

Novogen, the layer subsidiary of Groupe Grimaud from France and Lohmann Tierzucht from Germany are in court in the French capital Paris.

Lohmann Tierzucht (LTZ) claims that Novogen has made use of a patent for a selection process using genotypic markers against “fishy taint” in table eggs. Novogen opposes this accusation and enforces their rights in court. They claim that their technologies used for the quantitative phenotypic selection do not fall within the scope of the patent registered by LTZ.

In an official statement, the Lohmann Tierzucht management comments that LTZ is the owner of the European Patent No. 1518936 for the “Marker assisted selection of chicken against fishy taint”. LTZ is enforcing its patent rights against non-authorised third parties. Due to the ongoing legal proceedings, Lohmann Tierzucht will not comment on any patent infringement claims which are currently being processed in the French court in Paris.

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