Malawi: Government cautions against import of poultry

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Malawi: Government cautions against import of poultry
Malawi: Government cautions against import of poultry

The Malawi government has stepped up its mandate by issuing a fresh warning against people indulging in poultry imports. In an effort to protect the local industry and its mandate of checking on the livelihood of its citizens,

The country’s ministry of trade and industry has issued a strong warning after noting that there are still some traders who are stocking imported poultry and poultry products in their shops, specifying that anyone who continues ignoring the order will face the law.

“The Ministry of Industry and Trade would like to remind the business community and the general public at large that importation of poultry and poultry products is still under restriction and as such only specified types of poultry products are allowed into the country after obtaining requisites permits,” reads a statement from the industry and trade ministry, in part.

Newstime Africa understands that the strict measure was put in place twofold; to protect the growing local poultry industry and as a health measure against bird flu and other epidemics.

Against that background, the ministry has stressed that it is therefore illegal to import poultry products such as dressed chickens and table eggs in the country. “As such any person found in breach of the above requirement will be liable to prosecution under the law,” warns the ministry.

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