Marel launches the next generation in robotic batching

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Marel launches the next generation in robotic batching
Marel launches the next generation in robotic batching

Over the years Marel Stork’s RoboBatcher system has been running at a number of poultry processors, proving to be a solid top performer that is well integrated with other equipment and provides processors with a high level of production control. Based on this, the latest generation, the RoboBatcher Flex, is now ready for release.

The new Flex solution includes several new developments. First of all, product utilization has been improved. It is now possible to run a maximum of three regimens at the same time. This guarantees that the maximum possible amount of product, such as breast fillets and whole legs, will be selected for tray packing. Also, the integrated discharge system makes use of product items that cannot be used for packing on trays, by using them in bulk, grading or catering jobs.

Secondly, the system has been equipped with newly-developed software. With this software, two or more robotic heads per system are able to work together on one tray, which results in optimal batching performance. This also simplifies the entire system and reduces its footprint. Additionally, the system runs with a wide range of different trays and change-over from one type of tray to another is easy and fast.

With Innova connected to the RoboBatcher, production flow can be controlled from a central PC. From this central control point, it is possible to start orders that will be processed on the robot, change the order execution on the fly, and compensate for changes in the product flow or in the planning.

Innova has built-in monitoring capabilities, which enable the user to have a good overview of the current state of production at all times. After the execution of an order, Innova can generate a variety of reports in order to analyse production, give-away etc.

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