Marel Stork to supply Chinese poultry processing plant

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Marel Stork to supply Chinese poultry processing plant
Marel Stork to supply Chinese poultry processing plant

Beijing Dafa Chia Tai (Part of the CP Food Group) and Marel Stork Poultry Processing signed an agreement for Marel Stork to supply a highly automated secondary processing solution to one of the company’s high capacity poultry processing plants in China.

The project includes equipment for automated cut-up, automated deboning and production control software, enabling full traceability. Dafa Chia Tai’s choice for Marel Stork is a conscious choice for high end quality in all aspects. It is in line with Dafa Chia Tai’s strategy to provide consumers with only the very highest quality, safe poultry products.

The Beijing Dafa Chia Tai project (Beijing, China) includes a new Marel Stork scalding system and various A-frame pluckers, laying down a perfect foundation for the downstream process and resulting in a higher paw quality. Paws are valuable products in China. After chilling and automatic grading a selection line incorporating the recently introduced Smart Weigher – the most accurate inline weighing solution- and PDS-NT software, determines the optimum destination for every product. All data are stored to give full traceability and thereby allow the Company to adopt policies which ensure the highest food safety standards.

After quality selection, the modular flexible ACM-NT automatic cut-up system produces a wide selection of high yield cuts. The ACM-NT system includes the well-known JLR Anatomic leg module, the industry reference for producing high yield anatomic legs.

Automation of secondary processing in the Beijing Dafa Chia Tai project using the latest Marel Stork processing technology is a good example of the direction in which poultry processing in China is headed. Marel Stork is proud to support this development. The Company’s presence in China, which includes the local production of equipment and a locally based team of engineers, is proof of its long-term commitment to this important market.

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