Metro Group to go cage free

27-02-2020 | | |
Photo: Michel Zoeter
Photo: Michel Zoeter

German multinational retailer Metro Group has announced it will only source eggs from cage-free farming systems across its business by 2027.

The wholesaler giant will move to cage-free in:

  • Southern and Western Europe by 2022;
  • Eastern Europe including Russia and Ukraine by 2025
  • Its remaining markets like China by 2027

The group has a €27bn turnover and operates in the hospitality and wholesale sectors. As of 2010, it was the 4th-largest retailer in the world.

Connor Jackson, chief executive of Open Cages UK, welcomed the announcement. “With this strong policy Metro is cementing its spot as one of the most progressive companies out there when it comes to animal welfare.

“We applaud them for listening to their consumers and making a choice which will improve the lives of millions of hens around the world. We encourage all other companies which do not yet have a cage-free policy to follow Metro’s lead.”

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Jake Davies Freelance Journalist