Midamar introduces halal air chilled, antibiotic free and organic chicken

17-01-2011 | | |

Midamar Halal Foods has introduced the first halal, air chilled, antibiotic free and organic chicken. The chickens are humanely raised and processed in Iowa, USA.

Jonathan Moore, Poultry Business Manager at Midamar, in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, explained “Quality control measures such as local incubation and feed purchasing not only keep our carbon footprint to a minimum, but also allow for a close eye to be kept on every part of the process. Our birds are raised humanely (third party certified) in unconfined settings and are fed a vegetarian diet of grain and corn. Each bird is slaughtered in accordance to Islamic law (individually blessed, hand-cut and completely eviscerated), then we use The Air-Chilled Advantagetm to achieve a safe temperature for further processing.  We are able to do this roughly 65% faster than other air-chilled facilities. 

The Midamar Air-Chilled Advantagetm involves no water; chickens are chilled using pure, cold air that is circulated throughout the birds. We employ a single level conveyor belt to cool the chicken, eliminating the risk of cross contamination and water retention. By employing the air chill technology we’re able to present a chicken with a firmer texture and superior taste while maintaining our commitment to responsible and sustainable business practices.” 
For more information see: www.airchilledchicken.com

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