Multivac develops high pressure treatment for food packaging

10-02-2011 | | |

Multivac has developed a concept for integrating equipment for the high pressure treatment of foods into fully automatic packaging lines. This means that for the first time the high pressure treatment of foods within the packaging process can be seen as a viable option.

As one of the first packaging manufacturers worldwide to master the process, Multivac can offer it not only for vacuum- but also for MAP packs. The necessary technical innovations have already been filed for patent.
A clear trend towards more naturalness combined with ever in-creasing requirements by the supervisory authorities for the exclu-sion of harmful microorganisms from foods has meant that the high pressure treatment of packaged foods is gaining in importance. With high pressure treatment packaged food is subjected for a sufficiently long period to a high pressure of up to 6,000 bar in a so-called autoclave, which is a lockable and gas tight pressure container. Through this reliable process microorganisms in the food such as listeria and salmonella are killed.

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