Multivac launches R515 thermoforming packaging machine

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Multivac launches R515 thermoforming packaging machine

With the R 515 machine Multivac is bringing a new model of its thermoforming packaging machines onto the market, a model which is designed for the particular requirements of the fresh meat industry.

The R 515 is laid out for specific die formats and it offers all the advantages of the R 535 high performance model. The machine will be launched at the beginning of March.

The R 515 offers standard dies and format sets which are specially tailored to the fresh meat industry. The new machine model is designed for running flexible films, such as for example PA/PE multi-layer films. The R 515 is also equipped with register mark control for running printed upper webs.

In addition to vacuum packs, it is also possible to produce packs with modified atmosphere packaging (MAP). The machine cycle output is around 10 cycles per minute. Thanks to the HMI 2.0 user interface, even less technically proficient or trained operators can easily operate the complete functioning of the machine or line with the touch of a finger.

Like all Multivac machines, the R 515 is constructed in the Multivac hygienic design, it is compatible with the process-controlled Clean-in-Place system (CIP), and it can therefore be easily cleaned and disinfected on the inside and outside. The R 515 can be extended in a modular way and is suitable for the integration in automated packaging lines.

Source: Multivac

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