Nepal reports itself HPAI-free

12-07-2012 | | |
Nepal reports itself HPAI-free

Nepal has declared itself HPAI free as of 8 July 2012, after surveillance of live bird markets, water bird areas, and the outbreak area itself, yielded no further cases.

The World Animal Health Organisation (OIE) received a report from the director general of the Department of Livestock Services, Dr Nar Bahadur Rajwar,  on 10 July that Nepal is declaring itself HPAI-free.

In March the stamping out, cleaning, disinfection disposal and sealing of the infected farm was completed. Following that, post-operative surveillance of the affected zone was intensified with a total of 3,123 samples being taken for monitoring. None of the samples tested positive for HPAI, and no further evidence for HPAI has been found for more than 90 days following the last outbreak. Nepal has therefore declared the event to be resolved.

Source: OIE