New broiler house shows promising results

14-07-2009 | | |
New broiler house shows promising results

In South Africa, a local manufacturer of pig and poultry houses, Chemvet, teamed up with the insulation company Technopol. Their combined expertise resulted in a revolutionary dome-shaped, highly insulated and totally computerized broiler house.

The companies decided to test their experimental Nuway-house on their own farm in Nigel, South Africa, before releasing the novel concept to the market, and built 4 test houses for 40,000 broilers each.

They’ve just harvested – as the South Africans say – the first cycle. The preliminary results are better than expected, according to Technopol’s director Lammie de Beer. “With the Ross788 chicks we managed a 1,57 FCR, significantly better than the 1,77 average in this region.”

Chemvet’s Nick du Plessis adds: “In conventional houses we produce around 36-37 kg per square metre. Here we’re getting around 43 to 43,2 kg.”

The Nuway broiler house will have a price tag of R2.7 mln (€245.000) including all equipment.

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Natalie Kinsley Freelance journalist