New installations and products from Chick Master

07-12-2010 | | |
New installations and products from Chick Master

Chick Master has recently completed the installation and expansion of several major projects, such as in Spain. Here, the Iberavi hatchery expanded its operations with Avida A18 and A12 setters along with a modern heat recovery and energy management system.

The Cooperativa of Guissona in Catalunia is also expanding, using  single stage technology of Avida setters. Granja Pages uses the Chick Master Smith 150-egg tray in its growing single stage facility.

Also in other parts of the world, mainly in Europe, Asia, Latin America and the USA, major facilities were completed recently.  Hatcheries in Italy and South Korea have selected the 82-egg tray for their new operations. The 82-egg tray is designed for improved egg transport and use with automation systems.

Avida single stage setters have been designed to easily adjust to variable conditions of flock age and other factors, whereas Zephyr hatchers are used  to get strong and healthy chicks that grow faster on the farm. 

The Climate Control System (CC3) is designed to ventilate and efficiently control the hatchery environment. Using heat recovery technology, the CC3 is a more environmentally friendly way to maintain the proper room conditions in a hatchery. The CC3 ventilation system offers the user a simple package that only has to be connected to the hatchery upon arrival. 

The CC3 has two versions; the GL (ground level) and RT (rooftop).  Either system can be built to include: ventilation, heat recovery for greater energy efficiency, pressure control, hot water heat for setter supply, cold water cooling, dehumidification, and much more. Hatcheries in the USA, England, Sweden, the Philippines, and Indonesia have already recognized what the CC3 has to offer in savings and performance.

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