New Mexico joins 48 US states in outlawing cockfighting

14-03-2007 | | |
New Mexico joins 48 US states in outlawing cockfighting

US Gov Bill Richardson signed, on Monday, a bill that outlaws cockfighting in New Mexico, leaving Louisiana as the only state where the controversial practice is legal.

Cockfighting involves two roosters fitted with blades or gaffs on their legs and placed into a pit to fight until one is dead or badly wounded. Although gambling on the fights is illegal, spectators openly bet on the outcome.

After signing the bill Gov Richardson said, “I am proud that New Mexico will now move beyond cockfighting and join the 48 states that have already banned this outdated practice.”

However, supporters of cockfighting argued that it is a Hispanic tradition and a ban will only push the practice underground.

Ronald Barron, president of the New Mexico Game Fowl Association said that the association was planning a legal challenge.

State Sen. Phil Griego, a Demcorate opposed to the ban, call it a “slippery slope”.

“What’s next? A ban on rodeos? Then hunting and fishing?”

The ban goes into effect on the 15th June, 2007.

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