New TV campaign for Happy Egg

07-02-2020 | | |
Happy Egg co
Happy Egg co

Leading UK egg brand the Happy Egg Co is launching its first TV campaign for 3 years.

The campaign will centre on the vitamin D content of its eggs, the sunshine-derived nutrient many people are deficient in during the winter in Britain.

“Everyone craves a bit of sunshine during the depths of winter and our brand-new TV campaign is set to make sure we all ‘stay sunny’,” said Matt Davis, marketing controller, Noble Foods.

“With over 6.4 billion eggs sold per year, we know that we are a nation of egg lovers due to the versatility and ease of the product.

“One in 5 adults in the UK are at increased risk of vitamin D deficiency, but many don’t commonly know what benefit it gives to us. From maintaining healthy bones and teeth, it also helps keep our immune system healthy.”

The campaign launched in late January and will run for more than 10 weeks, and will partner with popular morning TV programmes “to reach key audiences at the start of each day”.

Jake Davies Freelance Journalist