New TwinClean line from Lubing

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New TwinClean line from Lubing

Lubing has introduced their new TwinClean drinking system. The system was designed to achieve ultimate hygiene, particularly for rearing and growing birds.

Water is circulating continuously within the drinking line. As a result, the water temperature is kept at a constant level, ensuring vitamins and medication to be evenly distributed. Deposits that may occur in still water are effectively avoided. The TwinClean line is made entirely of plastic. Since the profile is designed with virtually no interfering contours, it can easily and thoroughly be cleaned from the outside. The fittings are threaded directly into the profile.

In the TwinClean system, the water is continuously pumped though the upper line of the profile at a predefined pressure. It is flowing back to the pump through the lower line. A float switch automatically monitors pump operation and prevents the pump from running dry.
The flow rate of the pump can be adjusted. This setting depends on the installed drinking system. The pressure at the end of the drinking is always slightly higher than at the front end on the pressure regulator.  This allows drinking lines with a length of up to 120 meter with just one front-end feed.

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