Non-labelled chicken causing problems

20-03-2008 | | |

It is becoming more common that chicken meat is being sold without labels. This illegal act is posing serious problems, says the Barbados Egg and Poultry Producers’ Association.

Barbados is currently trying to become qualified to be able to export poultry products from the country. However, if chicken products are continuing to be sold without labels, the industry and health officials could not prohibit other countries from selling chickens without labels there.
“I’m seeing a trend developing with some supermarkets and some other places beginning to carry chickens without labels. It is against the labelling laws and the standards we have been trying to upkeep,” said the Association’s president Wendell Clarke.
“We will try to advise the supermarkets as far as possible to maintain the standards that we have put in place because it would allow us and the health department to have traceability in any eventuality,” he said.
“We cannot allow our standards to drop because if there are any problems, the health department then would be able to trace where the particular product is coming from. When the [birds] are not identified and you get several suppliers giving you unmarked bags, especially in our major distribution centres, it can cause a problem,” he added.

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