Norel appoints new distributor in South Africa

29-08-2012 | | |
Norel appoints new distributor in South Africa

Bupo Animal Health, based in Pretoria, South Africa has started distributing Norel Animal Nutrition products for the poultry, dairy, and cattle markets.

Oscar Humberto Bupo, CEO of Bupo Animal Health considers the company to be a very dynamic and growing company with innovative products and solutions for the African markets, with established branches in Mozambique, Kenya, Egypt, and Morocco.  Bupo Animal Health has established itself as a reliable company in the animal health industry for the last 25 years.

During a technical training event presented by Mathieu Cortyl at Bupo Animal Health’s Head Office in Pretoria last May, Oscar Bupo said: “The Company will venture into the field of nutritional products for most commercial animal species and will explore new markets in the African continent and beyond its borders. The Company has the size, strength, and diversity to ensure the continued top quality of our products and services, the cornerstone of our international branding”.