Ostrich production struggling in Botswana

21-04-2008 | | |

The sole ostrich abattoir in Botswana is still unable to reach its target of slaughtering 1,160 birds per month.

The plant re-opened in October 2007 and managed to slaughter a total of 1182 birds from October last year to February.
According to abattoir manager Freeman Mogaga, farmers are unable to meet the target due to limited infrastructure, unreliable feed supply and unavailability of chicks.
He went on to say that few ostrich farms, inadequate training and high start-up costs were among the problems affecting ostrich production in the region. However, he said the Ministry of Agriculture should aid this industry with more funding, subsidise ostrich farming start-up cost and adequate infrastructure and training.
He also called on farmers to invest more, devote more time and efforts in ostrich farming as well as liaise with the ministry officials on better and profitable farming techniques.
It is reported that the ostrich meat is sold locally, as well as to countries such as Belgium, and the skins sold to Asia and South Africa.
Source: Republic of Botswana website

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