Ovostar completes egg processing plant expansion

12-06-2012 | | |
Ovostar completes egg processing plant expansion

Ukranian producer of egg products, Ovostar Union, has completed the second stage of the Ovostar egg processing plant which had been implemented as a part of the current investment program.

As a result of the reconstruction the egg separating capacities have been increased considerably from 60 thousand eggs per hour to 180 thousand eggs per hour after installation of new equipment by an Italian producer Pelbo. 

The pasteurisation capacities have been also increased from 2 tons per hour to 8 tons per hour. This was achieved through installation of a modern system for pasteurisation and standardisation of dry substances in liquid egg products  by a French producer Actini.

“The egg breaking facilities currently used in the production process are equipped with a function that is unique for Ukraine: the automatic scanning of the egg mass. Such an innovation will allow us to control the quality of white and yolk separation more carefully. The new facilities by the world’s leading manufacturers will increase processing capacities to more than 2 million eggs per day (previously: 1,2 million eggs per day”, said Golovnya Igor, director of the Ovostar Egg Processing Plant).

“Such an equipment will allow us to produce  even better quality  dry and liquid egg products under the Ovostar TM. We shall continue implementing our strategy of  meeting the expectations of the most demanding customers by producing egg products of the highest quality”.

The investment program undertaken by Ovostar Union is being implemented  as scheduled.

Source: Ovostar