Pakistan poultry industry booming

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Pakistan poultry industry booming
Pakistan poultry industry booming

Poultry is one of the fastest growing sectors in Pakistan thanks to the growing number of fast food chains and other popular food outlets.

With the influx of new  technologies including the change to control-sheds, investors have begun injecting  more money into poultry ventures to cater to market needs and earn handsome revenues.

According to a local expert, Dr Khalid Ali, more than 60% of the poultry industry is based in Punjab and birds are bred in control-sheds at most of the farms to ensure disease-free production.

However, in the past two years, investors in Faisalabad have also constructed hundreds of control-shed poultry farms to cash in on the opportunity, and are getting a good response.

New poultry farms are joining the industry every year to satisfy the demand of the growing market. With this, prices of eggs and white meat are also rising but with the new technology, so is the quality.

The price of poultry products have more than doubled in the past few years boosting the industry’s prospects. According to market watchers, the average price of chicken meat has gone from  Rs125 per kg to Rs250-270 per kg and eggs from  Rs36-48 per dozen to Rs96 to Rs130 per dozen in the last couple of years.

Source: The Express Tribune