Pas Reform builds most sophisticated hatchery in Russia

31-03-2008 | | |

Dutch hatchery technology company Pas Reform has been contracted to build a new GPS hatchery for Krasnayarugsky Broiler, a subsidiary of Prioskolje – the fastest growing broiler integration in Russia.

Pas Reform has exclusive Agreements for the supply of hatchery equipment into Prioskolje companies, having already built four turnkey broiler hatcheries for the Group, with a total capacity of around 150 mln eggs per year, says Prioskolje’s general director Genaddy Bobritskij.
The Krasnayarugsky GPS hatchery has an annual capacity of 12 mln eggs and is expected to produce 3.5 mln parents per year, with expansion plans doubling that number to 7 mln. Due to the phenomenal growth of Prioskolje, almost half of that expanded production capability will be dedicated to Krasnayarugsky’s mother company.
Ventilation is key
“The use of a pressure controlled system to direct flows between the cleanest room (highest pressure) and the dirtiest room (lowest pressure) in the hatchery, was insufficient for our needs,” says Krasnayarugsky’s first deputy director Mr Tolstoi. “Pas Reform’s project team came with the idea of building an air preparation room above the transfer room. So that only after the air meets all the correct temperature and humidity parameters, will it be brought into the incubation rooms.”
As an additional safeguard, all air entering the Krasnayarugsky hatchery is filtered twice, to remove dirt and bacteria, then UV-disinfected in the air preparation room, before being brought to optimum quality for streaming into the incubation rooms.
World’s best
Krasnayarugsky’s aim was not just to build the most modern and sophisticated hatchery in Russia, but in the world, says Tolstoi!
“We have the perfect opportunity with a project of this caliber,” he says, “to do it right from the outset. Using the very latest technologies and know-how – we have future-proofed the hatchery, to set standards and assure our customers the absolute pinnacle of supply in the broiler sector for many, many years to come.”
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