People: Aviagen Asia appoints technical manager

12-12-2013 | | |
Mark Wright
Mark Wright

Mark Wright has been appointed as the new Regional Technical Manager for Aviagen Asia and assumed full responsibility for the role as and from November 1st this year.

Wright graduated from the University of Otago with a Bachelor of Science before he embarked on an 18 year career with Tegel Foods Ltd in New Zealand, a poultry integrator with the leading share of the domestic market. His experience at Tegel commenced as a livestock cadet and serviceman prior to assuming the responsibility of rearing and then as a farm manager for both chicken and turkey production in the company. He was subsequently promoted to be the manager of both broiler and layer breeders and later accepted the role of Turkey Livestock Manager for the Tegel organisation.

He joined Aviagen in 2008 as a member of the Asian Technical Team servicing a diverse range of customers throughout China, South East Asia, Oceania and India. Last year he assumed a key role as Project Manager for Aviagen Australia overseeing the expansion project and was directly responsible for building a new great grandparent and grandparent farm together with a new hatchery to meet the business growth and ensure supply of high quality breeding stock for both the local and a number of future export markets.