People: Diamond V appoints poultry specialist

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People: Diamond V appoints poultry specialist
People: Diamond V appoints poultry specialist

Diamond V expands its team with the appointment of David Kenyon, Emily Achen, Francisco Ysunza and Kelly Hidlebaugh.

David Kenyon has been appointed as a poultry specialist responsible for supporting and developing the turkey business in North America.

Most recently, Kenyon was the President of Valley of the Moon Commercial Poults, Inc. (a division of Aviagen Group).  He has also worked at British United Turkeys of America (BUTA) as Director of Sales for North and South America and at Cargill Turkeys in various supervisory and management positions. He earned his Animal Science degree from Southwest Missouri State University.

Emily Achen joins the team as North America Resource Coordinator, responsible for assisting the North America field team.

Achen previously worked with the Bill Nelson group servicing dairies in South Dakota. Achen received her degree in Animal Science with Dairy emphasis from the University of Minnesota.

Francisco Ysunza will take up the position of a European Technical Support Manager.

Most recently, Ysunza was the Quality Assurance Corporate Manager for 380,000 beef operation in charge of compliance of live animal procedures.  He has also worked as a Department Head/ Graduate Professor involved in experimental nutrition, intensive beef production and dairy quality. Ysunza has led applied research for institutions, founded two private corporate consultancy firms and designed and developed technical projects for more than twenty food, feed, livestock, pharmaceutical, technology and service corporations. He earned his Ph.D. in Animal Science from Texas A&M University.

Kelly Hidlebaugh joins as webmaster/digital specialist. She will be responsible for maintaining and promoting the Diamond V brand through its public and secured websites.

Hidlebaugh comes to Diamond V with other 15 years of experience in web development and content management. She most recently worked for Metro Studios as a Web Content Strategist. Hidlebaugh has also worked as a Web Content Consultant and Online Communications Manager for Geonetric, Inc. ad at Alliant Energy as an Internet Communications Manager. Hidlebaugh received her master’s degree in Library and Information Sciences from the University of Iowa.

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