Petelinka chicken awarded Russian product of the year

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Petelinka chicken awarded Russian product of the year
Petelinka chicken awarded Russian product of the year

The Petelinka brand of chilled poultry meat has won the national “Product of the Year 2013” prize in Russia.

The “Product of the Year” prize is a national award in more than 50 categories of food products and consumer goods. The categories contain products most frequently purchased by consumers in retail stores and chains.

The winners are determined using data provided by the leading research firms AC Nielsеn and COMCON. Research data from TGI-Russia is used to analyse demand for mass market products, which includes an annual poll of 34,000 Russians from 60 Russian cities with a population of 100,000 or more.

The Petelinka brand, produced by the Cherkizovo Group, first appeared in 2001, and today it is the leader in the chilled poultry meat segment on the Moscow and Moscow Region markets. The product is sold by almost all retailers and has a very high level of consumer loyalty. Output of ready-to-cook products prepared from 100-percent chicken breast and natural spices under the Petelinka TM was launched in 2012.

Andrei Khizhnyak, Sales and Marketing Director of Cherkizovo Group, noted that “the formula for success of the Petelinka brand is nutritious and balanced grain feed, pure soft water from artesian wells, free-range chickens, product quality and safety control, and minimum delivery times from factory to store shelves.”

Petelinka Products are produced ecologically near Moscow with minimum travel required for distribution “from farm to shelf”, which is why they are always fresh and tasty. Over the last ten plus years on the market, Petelinka has established a reputation for quality.