Poul Mirak chicken co-operative farm launched in Haiti

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Poul Mirak chicken co-operative farm launched in Haiti
Poul Mirak chicken co-operative farm launched in Haiti

The new Poul Mirak (Miracle Chicken) Co-operative Farm at Gwo Mache Mirak (Grand Miracle Market) in Fond Parisien, Haiti has held a ceremony for its newly expanded sustainability program.

Love A Child, hosted the dedication ceremony for the new Poul Mirak Chicken Co-operative Farm, a program backed by the USAPEEC International Poultry Development Program, which is expected to produce a unique source of sustainable income for Haitian families in the region.

On hand for the dedication ceremony were representatives from the USAPEEC International Poultry Development Program, Haitian dignitaries, such as Vice Mayor of Ganthier, Franckel St. Louis, customs officials, management from Haiti Broilers and administrative staff members from Love A Child, a 501(c)(3) non-profit Christian humanitarian organization serving the needs of children in Haiti.

One of eight interconnected sustainability initiatives developed by Love A Child, the Poul Mirak project is composed of nine chicken coop buildings. Each chicken house will hold about 500 chickens that will be raised by the newly trained co-operative members. The chickens will grow to maturity in only six weeks. The goal is to sell at least 500 each week at the Gwo Mache Mirak marketplace.

In a country where nearly 80% live below the poverty line and families struggle to survive on around $2 USD a day, the positive impact could be transformative. Having successfully operated a smaller chicken co-op program in 2013, where the farmers raised and sold 500 chickens within six weeks and profited around $1.39 USD from the sale of each chicken, this newly expanded initiative supplies an increased opportunity for meaningful employment at living wages.

“Not only will Poul Mirak offer locals in the community of Fond Parisien an opportunity to buy fresh, protein-rich food, but it will also provide a new model for sustainability in Haiti that shows the world how chicken co-operatives can produce sustained economic results,” shared Bobby Burnette, founder and director of Love A Child.

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