Poultry house ceiling inlet hits the market

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Poultry house ceiling inlet hits the market

US company Double L recently launched the AC3010 4-Way Attic Inlet, the third generation of ceiling inlets, which the company says is exceeding expectations.

The new machine actuated inlet corrects air distribution shortcomings and offers controlled 360 degree airflow. The vent upgrades include a mechanically operated door, an insulated frame, and a spring-loaded closure, meeting the needs of users who desire a computerised operation.

There are no blades to break, fall out, or get stuck open or closed. Air enters the inlet from the attic and is evenly distributed in all four directions into the poultry house. The air travels along the ceiling and gently mixes the air without creating a draft, resulting in even temperatures throughout the entire room. Test results show there is an obvious reduction in humidity along with noticeably drier litter conditions.

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