Record 1.4bn wings at this year’s Super Bowl

27-01-2020 | | |
Photo: NCC
Photo: NCC

Americans ate a record 1.4bn chicken wings during the Super Bowl weekend.

The astonishing statistic was revealed by the US National Chicken Council (NCC), which predicts each year the chicken wing consumption during the biggest event in the country’s sporting calendar.

The NCC estimated a 2% rise in consumption this year, meaning 27 million more wings will be consumed.

Two thirds of Americans (65%) who eat chicken wings, claim they like to do so while watching a major sporting event like the Super Bowl. Half (51%) claim that they believe chicken wings should be the official food of the Super Bowl, according to the NCC.

“Football is great. Wings are great. But they’re even better together,” said Council spokesman Tom Super. “Sure, you can have your chips, your guacamole, your pizza.

“But when it comes to Super Bowl menus, wings rule the roost. So, grab a wet nap, dive in and help put a dent in that 1.4 billion.”

The Super Bowl takes place on Sunday 2 February this year and will see the Kansas City Chiefs take on the San Francisco 49ers.

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