Researching and sharing nutritional value of eggs

30-04-2020 | | |
Tim Lambert is the chair of teh Global Egg Nutrition Expert Group. Photo IEC
Tim Lambert is the chair of teh Global Egg Nutrition Expert Group. Photo IEC

The International Egg Nutrition Centre (IENC) has announced the formation of the ‘Global Egg Nutrition Expert Group’ which will focus on developing, collating and optimising research on the nutritional value of eggs, to ensure the information is readily available to all.

The group, which has been formed in line with 2 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, Zero Hunger, and Good Health and Wellbeing, will look to collate balanced information on the nutritional impact of the egg. This will be disseminated to stakeholders across the globe, from producers through to health professionals and consumers. Speaking on the creation of the Global Egg Nutrition Expert Group, Tim Lambert, Group Chair and IEC President said, “The egg is a fantastic nutritional product, which can support healthy balanced diets throughout the developed and developing world.

“The formation of the Global Egg Nutrition Expert Group is an important initiative for the egg value chain, which will advance the global industry by ensuring the latest research on the nutritional value of the egg is accessible for all.” Made up of nine leading scientists, nutritionists and industry representatives, the group will advise and provide human nutrition input into the World Egg Organisation programmes, its charitable arm, the International Egg Foundation. “We are really pleased to be able to bring together such a diverse range of top nutritional minds with experience which expands across continents and throughout both developed and developing nations,” explains Lambert.

Members of the Global Egg Nutrition Expert Group

  • Tim Lambert Global Egg Nutrition Expert Group Chair and CEO of Egg Farmers of Canada
  • Dr Nikhil Dhurandhar Chairperson: Department of Nutritional Sciences, Texas Tech University
  • Prof Arne Astrup Head of Department Nutrition, Exercise and Sports, Copenhagen University
  • Dr Mickey Rubin Executive Director, Egg Nutrition Center (ENC)
  • Dr Tia Rains Senior Director of Public Relations, Ajinomoto
  • Kalpana Beesabathuni Global Lead – Technology and Entrepreneurship, Sight and Life
  • Frances Jewell Marketing and Communications Manager, Australian Eggs
  • Kim Kesseler Manager of Nutrition, Egg Farmers of Canada
  • Andrew Joret Chairman, British Egg Industry Council
Fabian Brockotter Editor in Chief, Poultry World