RFID poultry tag for high accuracy poultry management

19-01-2011 | | |

DAILY RFID has released the LF/HF RFID Animal Foot Ring for poultry RFID tracking as a solution to improve operation efficiency. Worn as a foot ring tag, this mini passive RFID tag can be used for poultry tracing, such as pigeon, birds, chicken and so on.

The LF/HF RFID Tag provides an accurate and effective way of poultry tracing. The RFID poultry tracking system can automatically collect the data when these tags are within the reading range of RFID Reader. The information can be anything such as animal feed, drugs, animal nutrition and arrival time, etc. Thus, it is suitable for use in fowl breeding and tracing, as well as poultry tracing.

Sealed inside the ABS housing, the RFID Foot Ring tag is waterproof and suitable for outdoor environments. The poultry tag can be mounted on the animal’s foot, and can help to avoid incidents and heighten the management.

More information about RFID Animal Tag for Poultry Management can be found here.

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