Rocky keeps the peace!

19-03-2007 | | |
Rocky keeps the peace!

Rocky the Rooster (see photo) serves a useful function on Steve Powell’s organic free-range unit at Upper Leigh Farm, East Knoyle, near Salisbury, Wiltshire (UK).

He sorts out any fights among the mixed-sex birds being reared for the table. There are eight ARM Buildings mobile houses on the 12-acre site, each holding up to 600 chickens. Birds are finished at 11 weeks when weighing between 2.4 – 2.7 kg. They are brought in at three weeks and as they grow there can be the odd bit of aggression. However, since there are no divisions between the houses, Rocky moves around them in rotation, acting as a chicken policeman.
“If two birds get uppity then Rocky’s right in there and breaks it up,” said Steve, who has a soft spot for the old cockerel which escaped collection several months ago and has now become a roving resident.

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