Rondeel opens second facility

11-02-2011 | | |
Rondeel opens second facility

Rondeel, the alternative layer housing system of Dutch Venco group, opens its second farm near the village of Wintelre in The Netherlands.

Rondeel is a circle shaped building, partly covered aviary house that consists of six segments. In five of these, birds are kept. The sixth segment is used for entrance, feed storage and distrubution and egg collection. Within each section, the layers have free range movement and can even go outside. Rondeel is using the Bolegg aviary system from sister company Vencomatic. Outdoor sections are partially rooved and covered with artificial astroturf grass. The outer circle is fully open and covered with wire netting. The sand floor is covered with wood chips, enabling the birds to dust bath.

The second Rondeel facility is fully identical to the first edition, which was opened last year near the village of Barneveld, also in the Netherlands. View a photo gallery on this farm to learn more about Rondeel.

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