Russia sees increased poultry meat import in H1 2012

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Russia sees increased poultry meat import in H1 2012

Poultry imports in Russia during H1 2012 increased by 38.7% in volume and by 57.8% in monetary terms compared to the same period of the last year.

Import of fresh and frozen poultry meat during the period from January to July of this year amounted to 270,500 tonnes, during the same period last year imports were 195,000 tonnes.

In value terms, imports of poultry meat increased by 57.8% to US$422.5 million. The total volume of import from non-CIS countries amounted to 225,700 tonnes of poultry meat, representing US$326,300 million, the Russian Federal Customs Service reported in a press release.

Imports of poultry meat already have doubled compared to the volume initially forecasted by the Russian Union of poultry farmers (Rosptitsesoyuz). In this situation, experts say there is a risk of production excess in the domestic market, which could happen as soon as next year and result in a collapse in prices. Therefore experts once again said that it is necessary to establish poultry meat export supplies.

“We need to give clear guidance to businesses throughout the supply chain that the government is aware of how the agri-food market is developing, including through exports. Exports are not an end in themselves, but they are the mechanism for obtaining high and stable income for the manufacturers. Russia could sell poultry and pork abroad, about 200,000 tonnes annually [for both products]. We can also produce halal products from poultry and beef which are very interesting for Middle East countries,” Alexander Korbut, the vice-president of the Russian Grain Union said in an interview.

Vladislav Vorotnikov

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