Russian poultry consumption forecast to drive prices up

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Russian poultry consumption forecast to drive prices up
Russian poultry consumption forecast to drive prices up

Prices for poultry meat in Russia, which this year alone have risen by 30%, will continue to grow in the near future, predicts Albert Dayleyev, vice president of the International Poultry Development Program. This will be brought about firstly by increases in the rate of consumption of poultry meat.

“Earlier this year a chicken carcass cost 75 roubles per kilogram (€1.85), today the price has increased to 105 roubles per kilogram (€2.60),” he said. Moreover, the rise in prices is limited by growing poultry imports from Belarus, which this year has already amounted to 100,000 tonnes.

“The poultry prices will increase – and we must be ready, because the outlook is already that there will be a supply shortage, ” said Davleyev in the Food Forum in Moscow. The further increase in demand for poultry meat in Russia will support the rise in prices – both in processing and in the retail segment, he added.

During the next year, prices will rise even faster. “Now, many poultry farmers are living on the previous harvest’s feed. The current crop harvest is much lower. In addition, there are exports. Also the cost of poultry feed will soon be close to 10,000 roubles (€246.6) and maybe even more,” Davleyev pointed out.

“Large retailers already have no idea where, as in what region, they can buy poultry, because currently what is in storage is on average three times less than a year ago, and four times less than three years ago,” he added.


Source: Trud

Vladislav Vorotnikov Eastern European correspondent