Russian Seminar BALTISA 2012 held in Turkey

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Russian Seminar BALTISA 2012 held in Turkey
Russian Seminar BALTISA 2012 held in Turkey

Tthe Russian company “BALTISA”, exclusive distributor for Hubbard, held its annual seminar this year in Kemer, Turkey in September,, 2012

More than 180 participants from 80 different companies, of which many poultry farms in Russia and from neighbouring countries had responded to the invitation of Gennady Petrovich Sjedin, director of BALTISA, and his team to discuss the current issues of the poultry industry in a very pleasant and highly professional business atmosphere. The main theme was about using the Feed Saver Concept or the Hubbard F15 to lower the impact of the high feed prices the poultry industry is facing at the moment.

At the opening of the event Bruno Briand, sales manager of Hubbard for Turkey, welcomed the Russian guests to the seminar and explained the rapid growth in sales of the Hubbard F15 breeders in Turkey. In this fast growing market which is also facing the pressure of high feed prices, local producers using the Hubbard F15 are now taking the full advantage of the higher output per m2 of production surface as well as at the high level of savings in breeder feed and the good broiler performance. In Turkey the Hubbard F15, like in Russia, now has confirmed its excellent results in feed conversion and liveability, leading to higher profitability of the integrated producers.

In total 38 reports were presented during the 4 days of the technical seminar. Much focus has been paid to production management methods minimising the feed cost per kilogram of meat produced. Russian and international experts discussed all aspects in detail which are very important in this continuous ”race” to save the profitability of an integrated broiler producer, despite high and rising prices of feed raw materials. The presentations made by farm specialists of several customers confirmed that in an industrial environment the Hubbard F15 delivers the expected results at both breeder and broiler level, which is repeated from flock to flock. The Hubbard F15 is the right genetic solution required by the Russian market today and Hubbard is constantly paying a lot of attention to these important needs for the future as well. Close cooperation between the market, the distributor and the R&D department guarantee that in the future genetic progress will continue to be converted into profit for the poultry producers.

further details of this seminar can be found the Hubbard website.